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Smart Parking

We have worked with a number of councils to increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction with car parks within a sensitive political environment.

Smart Parking uses digital technology to maximise the value of the parking assets while potentially reducing the cost for human management of car parks. They provide a fully automated parking payment system that detects when drivers enter and exit car parks, and then automatically bills them for their length of stay, making car parking easier for users and less expensive for car park operators.

Smart Park generates additional income through two main ways:

  • Increased Dwell time – Smart Parking charges by the minute and studies show this increases the time users stay in a car park as they don’t have to rush back for the end of a parking period

  • Greater Compliance – often parking isn’t paid for the moment a car enters the car park and the period paid for finishes before the car leaves. With Smart Parking this isn’t possible. Users pay the moment the car enters the car park and finish the moment the car leaves

Future Proof and Flexible

One of the main benefits of Smart Parking is the ability to charge users different rates.  Some council clients have used this to keep fees at the same level for residents whilst increasing them for visitors. 


This has been of particular benefit for councils where the car parking prices have become important local political issues.  Others are also linking this to further information on vehicles to charge less for low polluting cars and more for higher polluters, thus linking car parks to their declared climate emergencies.


Smart parking utilises digital technology to provide a better parking experience for users whilst giving the council flexibility both now and for the future in how they set fees and charges for their car parks.


Income Generation


One local authority that chose to keep the price the same for residents but increase it for visitors saw an increase of around £300,000 / annum in their net revenue from car parks.


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