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Strategic Asset Review

We undertook at Strategic Asset Review of a Councils property portfolio that was worth just over £200m.  The portfolio was very diverse with a number of assets that do not deliver effectively against the Council's strategic aims. The review found there are too many assets not performing, that are time-consuming to manage, are of low value and that cause senior management to be involved too intimately. There also appeared to be an approach to ‘manages a steady state’ rather than ‘striving for optimal outcomes’ in the management of the portfolio.

The action plan we developed will deliver improved social and financial value to the Council, most notably, utilising sales and disposals funds generated to invest in better stock or larger ‘upgrading projects’ which will deliver both financial and social impact.  The financial uplift to the council will be around £5m in revenue which could be exceeded if the action plan is robustly implemented.

The review found ways to improve the management of the general fund portfolio, included, but not limited to:

  • Economy: That assets are securing best value for the council

  • Effectiveness: Focusing on the activity that will deliver greatest (financial and/or social) value to the council

  • Efficiency: Particularly with regards to deployment of human resources


The review covered a number of areas, for each of which, we provided an overview of our analysis, recommendations and anticipated benefits.  The areas covered were:

  • Asset Management

  • Arrears

  • Credit Control Policy

  • Leases Holding Over

  • Break dates

  • Rent Reviews

  • Planned Preventative Maintenance


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