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Fleet Utilisation

Strategic Asset Review

One of our clients is an environmental services business owned jointly by a number of local authorities.


The fleet they use belongs to the councils with their use ring fenced for the council that owns them

We worked with the business to undertake modelling and then develop a business case that transferred ownership of the fleet to the business.  Doing this enabled increased efficiencies in the management and operation of the fleet.

The work examined:

  • the scale of the opportunity

  • the risk and potential reward of the opportunity for both the business and partners including analysis of tax and profit distribution implications

  • the critical success factors for the opportunity


The work also evaluated possible mechanisms for delivering the opportunity including:

  • making fleet operations a profit centre

  • creating a separate subsidiary entity




The work identified efficiency savings of around £1.5m.  These came from a number of areas including: hire, procurement and fleet maintenance.


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Asset Review and Strategy Development

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Introducing Smart Parking to increase Car Park Revenue

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