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Army Bases

Under Used Assets

As part of our wider engagement with the British Army we worked to utilise the commercial value of under used assets.  Many of the bases had excess accommodation and other unique assets that weren’t used much, if at all for military purposes.

Following an extensive market research and engagement exercise two schemes were chosen as ones that:

  • Delivered a commercial return on the asset

  • Linked with a key capability of the army (in one the cases)

  • Fitted with the brand of the British Army


The two commercial schemes were:


Elite Sports Development

We worked with the army to develop a residential pre-season offer for elite sports teams.  This was something they did periodically anyway, and we were able to create a package that made the offer more structured, better for the sports teams and less of a disruption to life on the base for the army. 


The work identified a specific opportunity for elite academies due to the secure nature of army bases that lend themselves to excellent safeguarding for young people.  The package combined accommodation, access to fantastic sporting facilities, army team building and leadership development using military exercises.

Film Location

Some of the assets and land offered itself as fantastic locations for a wider range of filming.  Work was undertaken to create a package and a process.  The result being a long term partnership with Neflix for filming a number of feature productions.


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Asset Review and Strategy Development

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Introducing Smart Parking to increase Car Park Revenue

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