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Fees and Charges

Increasing Net Revenue

Fees and Charges are one of the quickest and easiest ways of generating increased income. 


We have worked with a large number of councils to review their fees and charges and identify opportunities for increased revenue. Three recent projects include a unitary city council where an additional £2.1m in annual revenue was generated, another unitary where an additional £1.2m in increased revenue was identified and a small district council where an additional £370,000 in annual revenue was identified.

We review four areas:

  • The policy  / legislative backdrop for the specific fee / charge

  • Benchmarking with comparator authorities

  • The service and activity cost

  • Competitor analysis

This combination, when focused on the areas of biggest spend typically identifies opportunities to increase revenue as well as areas of ‘accidental subsidies’.  These are activities where the fee has increased by a percentage each year without truly understanding the cost of providing the service.  The result is a fee that is lower than the cost.

Our approach is to work closely with service managers and leave them with a variety of tools we’ve developed to support their ongoing work in this area after our engagement. 


This approach increases understanding and capability supporting culture change.


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