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Commercial Sprint Review

Identifying Opportunities

Part of the challenge for a public sector organisation when looking to commercialise is knowing what are the opportunities and which ones to focus on and invest in to give the best return.  We have supported many in doing so by delivering Commercial Sprint Reviews.

These reviews look to quickly understand all of the services delivered, the assets held and the capability of the organisation.  This is done through a combination of one-to-one meetings with Heads of Service and other key staff, small group workshops and analysis of budgets and service plans.

The review identifies both how to make the most and improve commercial performance of existing activity and where there are gaps in the portfolio that others elsewhere have successfully developed commercial activity in.  The reviews cover the broad spectrum of ‘commercial’ and identify opportunities for income generation and cost savings.

The reviews then analyse the opportunities at a high level to determine:

  • The financial scale of the opportunity

  • The ease of implementation

  • The link the opportunity has to corporate priorities

  • Recommendations are then made on where to focus in order to deliver the greatest return.


We have undertaken many such reviews in the last few months.


One identified 89 opportunities. 


7 of these are now being implemented creating increased net revenue of around £2.2m/annum. 

In another review for a small district council 72 opportunities were identified. 


Three of these are in the initial phase of implementation creating around £400k/annum in increased net revenue.


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Income Generation in
Regulatory Services 

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