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Commercial Capability

We delivered a 12 month contract for BEIS looking to develop the commercial capability of regulatory functions across the UK in order to generate income.

The work started with a national research exercise with small businesses that are regulated to find out where they get licensing and regulatory advice from and, if it isn’t their local council, why not.  This exercise helped to inform the challenge and barriers for regulators and the type and level of competition they face in order to effectively offer greater support to businesses beyond the regulatory relationship.

Following the research we developed a modular series of workshops that were run in five locations across the UK.  Around 120 regulators attended these workshops that looked at:

  • Developing a commercial mindset

  • Market analysis

  • Pricing and costing

  • Structuring commercial activity

  • Implementing commercial plans

The final workshop was an action learning set that helped the delegates develop practical implementation plans that will deliver a return back in their organisations.


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