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Extra Care Housing

Repurposing Old Estate

Extra Care Housing offers a cost effective way of supporting people to maintain independence.  Our work with a London Borough had already demonstrated the cost savings possible by expanding the Extra Care Schemes. 

We then undertook further work to look at the possibility of increasing the number of schemes it has by taking over underused Sheltered Accommodation also owned by the council.  Decommissioning these existing sheltered housing blocks and converting to Extra Care Housing schemes fitted with the council’s direction of travel around demand management, reducing spend of high costs packages and admission to residential care.

We modelled the impact of this repurposing identifying the capital cost required, the management and operational cost of setting up two further Extra Care Schemes and the likely impact on demand management by delaying and reducing admission into residential care.

The modelling demonstrated the impact on the cost of running the whole Extra Care Service (there were already 6 other schemes) would stay about the same however the two new schemes would result in a number of people a year not entering residential care.  This would equate to savings of around £230,000 / year if effectively managed.


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Asset Review and Strategy Development

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